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Fit Camps


Geo Fitness has been running Fit Camps for the best part of 2 years now. Fit Camp sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10am on Dartford Heath.


These sessions are designed for anyone to attend irrespective of fitness levels. I have 12 stations laid out and we spend 1 minute on each station, 30 second rest then on to the next station. We typically manage to get 3 rounds in within the hour.


Each station combines a mixture of cardio and either bodyweight or free weight exercises. You go at your own pace and you are not under any pressure to complete all 12 rounds (but something to aim for).


There is a fantastic mixture of abilities and numbers have steadily increased to the maximum of 12 per session. Some of the stations used are:



If you are interested in attending, please make contact as I operate a “first 12 to contact me are in” system for each week.