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Nutritionists are needed in all walks of life and in all stages of the human life cycle. As a qualified Nutritionist, I consider myself an expert with food and nutrients, and the impact they have on the sport conscious or someone with a sedentary lifestyle.


As a Nutritionist, I can help you learn food concepts and help you evaluate your current dietary habits. I can then make recommendations on how to change your current diet in order to:



Certain clients of mine have specific dietary deficiencies that need correcting, while others benefit from taking nutritional supplements. Some clients need to have their calorie counts and nutritional needs closely monitored before starting a dietary programme.


What I can do for you is produce a bespoke nutrition plan and further assess your nutritional needs through active monitoring and regular face to face meetings.


Education of correct nutrition is crucial, and it is through constant teaching my clients the proper way to eat, when to eat, than long lasting changes can be made.