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Geo Fitness has helped many clients reach their fitness potential:


Nena Truman

"Geoff has been training me for a month now and I am already seeing a difference in my fitness and body shape. I am pushing my limits and I really look forward to our sessions, Geoff is friendly and knowledgeable, he puts you at ease almost instantly, we always have a laugh and exercise isn’t boring anymore! I love the fit camp sessions at the weekends too, its a small friendly, group and Geoff is brilliant at motivating us even when we just want to lie down! I would recommend Geoff as a trainer to anyone, whatever you goals, he’ll help you reach them."



Vicki Green

"I’ve had personal trainers before and after one or two sessions I leave, they don’t push me hard enough or keep me motivated. Not Geoff! He’s been my personal trainer for a few months now and WOW. I’m loving it! Not only have my fitness levels increased I can actually see results in my body. He will not let me quit and pushes me to my limits each and every session – this is what training is all about. In addition to our one on one sessions I attend the fit camps he runs at weekends….a small friendly group, all there with the same goal - to get fit. Highly recommended!"



Julia Bishop

"After speaking with Geoff I decided that he would be the personal trainer for me. He listened and asked questions on what I wanted to achieve, we then worked together in setting my goals. Within the first training session he encouraged and motivated me to push myself further than I would have done on my own. Within weeks I could see the difference in how I looked and felt. Geoff also keeps up the motivation with text messages, it feels like I have a personal trainer all the time, and not just at the gym. As my fitness improves we step it up another level. Even though it is hard work I really DO enjoy it. I have been training with Geoff for 8 weeks now and have already signed up for another 10."



Katrina Reid

"Geoff is an amazing personal trainer, really motivates and pushes me and shows me what myself and my body can achieve. I think without Geoff I wouldn’t have come as far as I have. I really look forward to training with him because I know he will push me to my limit and beyond. He always makes training fun and I feel I get a lot out of our sessions. I would highly recommend him to anyone, if you are looking into getting fit then Geoff is definitely the guy who would get you there."



Susan Pearson

"I have been going to the gym on and off for many years. I would spend one to two hours in the gym, with the majority of time spent doing cardio. However, my shape would not change, my weight remained stagnant, and I would inevitably feel de-motivated and stop going. This would be a cycle that I would repeat every few months. I have tried various personal trainers over the years – they would show me the standard routines taken from their course textbooks, but I never felt like they understood me and my individual needs. That was until I met Geoff Williamson and started training with Geo-Fitness. I have been training with Geo-Fitness for three months now and can both see and feel the results. My clothes fit better, I have less wobbly bits, and I feel toned. In addition, I have more energy and I feel more alert at work during the day. I have two 1-2-1 sessions with Geo-Fitness during the week and attend the Fit Camp on Saturday mornings. I find that the 1-2-1 sessions are tailored towards me as an individual. Geoff has completely changed the way I workout, and the way I look at the gym. In addition, as a qualified Nutritionist, he has reviewed my eating habits, and with a couple of tweaks – has made me approach food differently. During our sessions in the gym, Geoff will force me to dig deep when I think there is nothing left in the tank. I have a great sense of achievement at the end of each session, and the next day my aching muscles are there to remind me what a good workout they have had. The FitCamps are excellent too with a great camaraderie between all who attend. You get a great workout while having fun. I would definitely, and have already, recommend Geo-Fitness to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who cares about you as an individual, and who will help you to reach your personal goals."



Philip Ross-Gower

"I have used Geoff as a personal trainer and I have attended his weekend fit camps. For someone of my age (53) he has been ideal in helping me improve my fitness with close attention to my ability and my limitations. The fit camps are excellent and you take from it what you want to put in. He is always available to help you out and get you to where you want to be. I have recommend him to friends and will continue to do so."